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Jul 13

My Business Skills SUCKED!

business build

Thursday is the day that I like to put aside time to work on and learn more about my Business. It was NOT always like this! In the past I used to fly by the seat of my pants, just do the work and wonder why my Business never done so well and in the …

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Jul 04

Comparisons Leave You feeling Bad


When it comes to Finances/Money and getting what you want – In most cases people are putting their safety and security and their ‘Future’ self at risk. This is driven at large by the comparison TRAP and a lack of Financial Literacy! Keeping up with appearances and wanting to feel good – This is of …

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Jun 29

Money Tears Your World Apart

‘Money’ stress doesn’t only break up marriages – It tears apart families! It torments your life. Over & Over again and fills your life with anxiety, fear, sickness, lack and worry. You never get to feel really safe and looked after. And I just want to add here – How you do ‘Money’ today is …

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Jun 27

Let Money Guide You

    Life can feel like such a struggle for some, while for others it appears to be such a breeze. Yet life is ‘ALL’ depending on your perceptions, thoughts, judgements & beliefs. How you do one thing in life is how you will do ‘Everything.’ Today I am going to draw on ‘One’ of …

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Jun 01

How we ‘In-DEBT’ Ourselves – A personal story

      When it comes to ‘DEBT’ you can find yourself experiencing some really dark negative thoughts that run over and over again in your mind – Like a broken record player stuck on repeat! They can feel all consuming and no matter what you do, you can’t see a way out – It’s …

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May 24

Stress is Addictive

  When you think of Addiction, what do you envision? Do you envision a drunk in a trench coat sleeping on a park bench, Someone with a needle sticking out of there arm. A person slumped down over a gambling machine. Or a stock pile of new clothes/shoes laying UN-opened. Perhaps someone gorging themselves on …

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May 08

Toxic Money Pattern – Do You Have One

When it comes to writing my¬† blog posts I normally allow what is presenting itself to guide me, either through my client struggles at the time, what my family members are dealing with, or where and what is coming up in my own personal money adventure. So this weeks post is timely and is all …

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Apr 29

Transform Your Relationship With Money

  People tend to lump all money issues together when in fact there’s more to money than meets the eye. In fact there are five categories of money and when it comes to transforming your relationship with money it is invaluable to address each individual one. Savings – Debt – Income – Income Goals and …

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Sep 12

Fear is Friend not Foe


  Who among us ever wants to admit they are full of fear?           I know I didn’t, in fact I spent many years growing the belief that nothing or nobody had the power to effect me, – little did I know, that underneath I had a simmering volcano that seemed …

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Aug 01

Patience is a Virtue


Patience – the art of slowing down and being in the moment. Whose got time for that…. Don’t you find that Patience is like that elusive elixir that people search for and would love to have, yet nowadays it seems even scarcer to find. To understand and unlock the gifts of Patience lets spend a …

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