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Jun 29

Money Tears Your World Apart

‘Money’ stress doesn’t only break up marriages – It tears apart families! It torments your life. Over & Over again and fills your life with anxiety, fear, sickness, lack and worry. You never get to feel really safe and looked after. And I just want to add here – How you do ‘Money’ today is …

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Jun 27

Let Money Guide You

    Life can feel like such a struggle for some, while for others it appears to be such a breeze. Yet life is ‘ALL’ depending on your perceptions, thoughts, judgements & beliefs. How you do one thing in life is how you will do ‘Everything.’ Today I am going to draw on ‘One’ of …

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May 08

Toxic Money Pattern – Do You Have One

When it comes to writing my  blog posts I normally allow what is presenting itself to guide me, either through my client struggles at the time, what my family members are dealing with, or where and what is coming up in my own personal money adventure. So this weeks post is timely and is all …

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Apr 29

Transform Your Relationship With Money

  People tend to lump all money issues together when in fact there’s more to money than meets the eye. In fact there are five categories of money and when it comes to transforming your relationship with money it is invaluable to address each individual one. Savings – Debt – Income – Income Goals and …

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Sep 25

Financial Trauma

So when I talk about having a financial trauma in your life I am not just referring to finances. I am referring to an event that has affected how much you trust yourself and how much you are able to create in your life. Your very ability to trust and believe that things are possible …

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Aug 27

Goal Trauma

big dream

Just like having a past traumatic event can negatively effect your finances so to can having a goal trauma tied to your goals. A goal trauma will cast a big black cloud over every aspect of your new goals while effecting your very willingness to step up and go after what you really want. Ever …

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Aug 17

Fear will stop you in your Tracks

trust in yourself

It is not the lack of money that stops us, it is our thoughts, judgements and beliefs connected to money that stops us. I invite you to close your eyes and check in with your body right here and now and see how it feels. Say out loud ‘I never have enough money.’ I don’t …

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Aug 04

Scarcity & Lack


Most of the time many of us are not even aware that this is happening. We can be out in company and talk turns to money or finances. Before you know it your mind is doing a tailspin and you feel like running. You hear in your mind and it’s loud and clear ‘I can’t …

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Jul 22

Running from ‘The Money Monster’

There’s a reason why you and your money cannot connect. You have probably spent years beating yourself up with every critical name you can think of when it comes to your money. I want to let you in on a little secret. ‘Your Money issues are NOT your fault.’ Let me share with you a …

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Jul 13

Mind/Body/Money Connection

Why don’t I have more money? This is a question that can cause a lot of internal anguish. When it comes to increasing our wealth it is important to recognize that money has a mind body component or connection. Once we understand this, we can utilize it to take control and increase how much money …

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