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Your Relationship with Money

Humans and society have made the entrenched belief and condition that ‘It takes money to do almost anything and you have to have money to have any sense of happiness, ease, comfort, enjoyment, even safety and security.

Yet is this completely true?

We see a lack of money as our own sense of failure, a measure against success. A guide to beat ourselves up over or judge, to whether or not we are doing enough, being enough, if we have value or not. I know that I have seen it this way in the past.

Yet is this so true? The short answer is No!

What if you could see ‘Money’ as just a game.

What if ‘Money’ is really just a guide to support us in uncovering our truest potential. To lead us back to ourselves.

Could you or would you be willing to accept your financial situation exactly where it is right now.

Acknowledge, accept and appreciate your financial self right where you are.

When I first attempted to do this, I had resistance jumping up right away. The little voice in my head was like on steroids and it was not a comfortable feeling. It was saying, ‘No way are you mad, I can’t accept this.’

I believed if I accepted my finances or lack of finances the way they were, I would be signing my fate to a life of poverty, and that is ‘NOT’ what I wanted. I had plans!

That was just too demoralizing, too dis-heartening. I mean, I had been struggling, battling, beating myself up over this situation literally for years…..

And so it was – There I had it!

Struggle – A Battle! On the inside – with a part of myself.

This poverty part – A part that I hated beyond reason. There certainly was no acceptance, no acknowledgement, no love or compassion. Did I want to push this part away – You bet I did!

I had a bit of work to do with this part of myself. I had to come to the place where I could be willing to stop and listen. Where I could acknowledge, observe what I had needed to see and learn.

Being poor was a state of mind and…

This part had been trying to get through to me. I had to recognize what it had been giving me and truly value what I had received, and yes be appreciative, have compassion, accept and be grateful to.

You see life is always about giving and receiving. These two are always playing out and inter weaving with each other, unconsciously and consciously.

We cannot have one and not the other. Life is always in a constant state of balance

I had to learn these things before I could make the changes I needed to make.

This part had taught me sooo so much and continues to do that, should I forget:)

I have learned through clearing the unhealthy lack patterns that were playing out in my life, that the space I created allowed me to have the experience of money flowing in and out without a ‘Condition’ attached to it.

Clearing the struggles and the battles on the inside creates a space and flow in your life, yet don’t get me wrong ‘Money’ doesn’t just drop out of the sky.

You still have to take action and put the steps and structures into place so money has a clear path and direction to follow.

Just like you – Money loves order to.

The difference is you now get to choose what you want to manifest into that space instead.

I chose a healthy financial relationship, financial fitness and freedom.

You can do this to, it’s easier than you may think.

Money IS in total support of you. You ARE worthy and deserving of great abundance in your life and perhaps subject to your beliefs.

Money does want a special long lasting relationship with you.

So if you think you may have some unhealthy money patterns in the way of your relationship with money and you would like to get rid of money stress ‘Forever.’

I would love to offer you a 30 minute complimentary confidential curious conversation along with a complimentary financial health check, where we can get some clarity about where you are now and from there, where you would love to be.

You can reach me here or through my facebook page.

I would love to support you too.

“You WILL experience money flowing in your life when it is no longer a condition of your life.”


About Susan Whelan

Susan has fought her way through Addictions to Alcohol, Drugs, Body and (Poverty) and has emerged through the other side as a certified Coach in Addiction, Nutrition, Yuan Gong (Qigong) Human Life Development & Yuan Ming Medicine, Tapping into Wealth and IS one of Australia’s first Financially Fit Bootcamp Coach’s with

Today Susan call’s on all of her life experiences and all of her technical skills and tools so she can help You Neutralize the uncomfortable emotions around money, Terminate the Limitation and Implement the Steps and Structures to once and for all ‘End’ your money stress forever while you create your life of ‘Emotional & Financial Freedom’.

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