Susan offers a range of services and programs where she works One-on-One via Skype audio, via Telephone, in Person, through organized Groups and Workshops, or via pre-arranged Public Speaking engagements.

Susan will help you connect, gain clarity, move through and establish or re- set healthy boundaries with any uncomfortable physical emotional mental or spiritual aspect that is showing up for you on your life journey.

Susan’s offers Audio packages of her work, an affordable option with immediate benefits to get you started right where you are if One-on-One sessions is a push for you at this stage.

Alternatively you may wish to work One-on-One with Susan in either of her 7 week programs:








Susan offers extra support in her six month intensive program to help you with Break the Addiction Cycle

She also offers nutritional help or advice to assist you with getting on track with your food.


You are invited to Contact Susan to schedule a complimentary 30 minute confidential curious conversation. Through this conversation Susan can assess where you are now and how she may best help you.


love your body

Love the Body You are In

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a working relationship with someone that could support you while at the  same time help you to clear away the baggage you’ve been carrying around so you could truly live the life you’ve been dreaming of?   In ‘Love the Body You are In‘ …

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The Hidden Treasure

  Do you ever get super frustrated feeling like SOMETHING’S stopping you from having more wealth in your life? But you can’t seem to figure it out, and your efforts to save more money are ineffective, and/or your debt just never seems to get any smaller? What if I told you that you may have …

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Break the Addiction Cycle

Susan offers a comprehensive six month coaching support package where she work’s closely with you to help you Break through the Individual Addictive patterns that are stopping you from getting ahead. You will gain many benefits from working closely with Susan as she takes you through all of the six foundation principles of Health & …

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