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Jun 27

Let Money Guide You

    Life can feel like such a struggle for some, while for others it appears to be such a breeze. Yet life is ‘ALL’ depending on your perceptions, thoughts, judgements & beliefs. How you do one thing in life is how you will do ‘Everything.’ Today I am going to draw on ‘One’ of …

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Jun 06

Six Foundation Principles of Health & Wellness

A Healthy Lifestyle is your Best Prevention When Life feels out of Balance simply follow the Laws of Life and Health! It’s all about Balance! Whenever you are struggling, whether or not that is with a full blown addiction, self-sabotage behavior, emotional eating, poverty patterns, gambling, sex, exhaustion, or stinking thinking. It doesn’t really matter …

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Aug 12

Balance Moods with Food


When it comes to Food each one of us has our own Individual requirements for Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates.   With so many references to diet and lifestyle, what you should eat and what you shouldn’t it can be really confusing and challenging to know what to trust and who to take any notice of. …

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Jul 29

Food Matters – Food is a way of Paying Yourself First

Everyone has heard the term ‘You are What You Eat’ right? Well to a large extent that is true but I would like to add to that even more by saying You are What you Eat and What you Think! Nourishing yourself with high quality food at a Mind Body and Soul level is so …

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Feb 27

Our Bodies Cry for Water

When we consider that a dry mouth is the very last sign of dehydration, how much water do we really need to consume and can we consume too much? I ask you to take into account, that dehydration not only has an effect on our physical bodies, but our emotional and mental bodies as well. …

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