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For the Love of MONEY

Money is Love!i-love-money

Even as I write this post today I have that little voice that says, “Really, Really!” are you sure you want to write about this, are you sure you want to put this out into the world.

My answer comes from taking a snippet out of Isabelle Mercier Turcotte’s message,


For frikken years I had struggled with this concept. It confused the be-jeezus out of me and I have searched relentlessly for a deeper understanding.

What’s more, I had felt and carried a ton of deep shame and guilt around even working with this concept that ‘Money is Love.’


Not only that, this prevented me from ever feeling free around the energy that is ‘Money.’ It prevented me from feeling okay about wanting to have ‘Money.’

Wanting ‘Money’ to show up for me in my life doing what I LOVE!

After all, for me, Money and Love did NOT go together.

That in my world seemed sooo wrong. So in saying that, how was I ever going to feel good about accepting ‘Money’ working at what I loved. There really was so much conflict about this.

A part of me had been pushing ‘Money’ away for as long as I can remember yet desperately wanting it to build the life that I wanted. The Business that I wanted to reach so many people.

In fact is someone was to say to me that I would be working with the energy of Money and Love I would of laughed out loud.

I mean as far as I was concerned, there was no way on this Earth that ‘Money’ and ‘Love’ could ever be classed together, let along appear side by side on the same sheet of paper as one.

The truth is however, they do belong together and the sooner we can bring them together we can experiencemoney-or-love a whole different relationship with both.

When we heal the wounding and the crappy beliefs around ‘Money’ and bring see it as a power of ‘Love,’ in, we not only heal our own relationships with love and money, we heal the whole worlds.

Money is Love and Love is Money – They can be inseparable.

Let’s first have a look at what is surrounding ‘Money’ in today’s society.

Nowadays there is so much B.S connected to money and equally there is just as much B.S connected to love.

One can surely get entangled in the other, in fact I had plenty of confusion and experience around that one.

Money is dirty, money is scarce, it’s hard to come by, it’s greedy to have money when others in the world have none, it is coveted by the rich, and chased after by the poor.

Having Money can equate to having this energy of power, brutality and force.

Money is surrounded with this energy of fear, shame, lack and greed, and what’s more.

More often than not when people spend there money, it is often spent in guilt and fear. Fear that they won’t get any more when that is gone, fear that there is never enough!

Have you ever stopped to think how many hands the money that you receive has passed through on the planet to get to you. The very lack, limiting beliefs and fearful messages, have been infused into your money by literally everyone it passes through.

Money moves like water from country to continent, from person to person, from till to bank and then out into circulation again.

It reaches to every single corner of the globe carrying with it this energy of fear, greed, scarcity and lack.

Is it any wonder why the statistics of 96% of people that live this way is so high., So many families on the planet are suffering from this silent taboo subject of money and it’s energy of shame, fear, stress and lack.

All due to the programming of ‘Money.’

So you might ask, how on Earth can this be about love. The answer lies in our thoughts.

You may know someone or even had this happen to yourself, where money was given instead of love – I certainly have bought into this in the past, following along unconsciously, due to all of the hidden beliefs that I had about Money

This can play out in many different ways. You might of wanted love from your Mum or Dad and were given Money instead.

Perhaps your Mum and Dad or even you were so busy working, or one of them just wasn’t there, they didn’t have the time to put into you that you really wanted and needed, perhaps they didn’t know how to give you love through their own parenting and programming. You got Money instead!

From this you took on the belief that ‘Money’ was to blame.

Can you relate?

Money in my mind caused NOTHING but trouble!

To Me – Money and Love were ‘Conditional’ and neither felt safe. A very good reason to separate myself and keep myself poor.

Yet in saying that I had BIGGER plans and I wanted Money for what I could do with it, I wanted Money to show up for me so I get to live the life that I believed I wanted more.

I had a whole tangled mess of conflict around ‘Money’ and ‘Love’ I had both sides of the coin.

So the question remained – How on Earth could Money be considered as Love…..

My question to that was answered just recently in such a beautiful way. It touched my heart so deeply that I wanted to pass this same message on to all of you today.

I am calling on Barbara Wilder’s exact words as they lovingly appeared in front of me while reading her book, ‘Money IS Love.’ Make sure you stick at it till the very end, it is a couple of pages but so worth your effort.

Why do I not write this in my own words you might ask, because I believe passionately in this message and I could not of said this to you in a way that would offer the same level of impact and understanding that I received that day.

This message is too important in my mind, it needs to reach out far and wide.

This loving seed of change can start with each and everyone of us as we decide to make the change within our own lives.

Are you ready for that?

Here is what Barbara Wilder says.

“Money as Love has the power to affect every person in every corner of the world. The principle is very simple, and yet at the same time, difficult to comprehend.

Money circulates the planet constantly. It changes form from dollars into rubles and lire, etc, as it crosses borders, but it continues to circulate. This is the nature of money. Money — like the rivers and streams — flows throughout the planet and everything it touches it affects in some way, just as the rivers and the oceans affect every part of the planet that they touch.

In the human body, blood flows throughout the body, never stopping, unless there is disease. Blood carries the nutrients throughout the body to keep the body healthy. When the blood is diseased, the body becomes diseased.

Money flows through the world as blood flows through the body. Money carries with it the ability to provide for all the world’s needs, but when it is diseased, the entire world becomes diseased.

To heal a person with a blood disease, the blood must be healed or a transfusion given so that healthy blood can flow throughout the body, bringing with it the properties needed to heal the rest of the body.

When the energy that is money is infused with fear, greed, anger and scarcity, it flows through out the world carrying these destructive properties and infecting all that it touches.

Since money touches everyone, no matter how remote their village, the people of the world, the communities they live in, and the land they live on are polluted with the disease of fear, lack greed and anger.

If one by one we as individuals begin to change the money that moves through our hands and our bank accounts into love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, the money itself becomes healed. Like a blood transfusion, we will begin to infuse the money supply of the earth with love.

Then the love-infused money will begin to infect the entire money supply of the world.

When Money as Love begins to circulate, it affects the population and the healing process begins. This world community which is in the process of destroying itself with money, can actually use the very tool of destruction to heal itself.

This is where the other benefits of writing “Money is Love,” on your checks and credit card slips comes in. When you distribute money, in the form of checks and credit cards with the words “Money is Love” written on them, you are sending the healing power of love into the bloodstream of the planet and actively healing the money flow.

Money is the blood of the planet. Heal the money, and we can heal the world. Because there is no lack or scarcity in money that is infused with love, the leaders of Wall Street and the multinational corporations will not be threatened. There is enough for all. As individual people — shop owners, bankers and even, eventually, corporate leaders–begin to embrace this idea, more and more Money as Love will begin to circulate.

As each dollar, yen, ruble, or Euro-dollar is infused with love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, the people it touches will be lifted into a more loving state of existence.

The idea of a change like this sounds incredible. Impossible. Ridiculous. The skeptics among us will say that even if the theory is correct, there is no way to get all of the people to transform all of the money into love. And that’s true. But it doesn’t take all of the people. Change happens when enough people have joined the new mind-set. In science this is called “reaching critical mass.”

Critical mass takes only a fraction of the whole to shift the balance just enough to get the ball rolling in another direction. The rolling ball picks up speed the farther it goes until, suddenly, change occurs. Miracles can be achieved when individuals change their thoughts about money from fear, greed, anger, and lack to love, joy, abundance, and goodwill.

The great Indian master, Sri Aurobindo, says “The money-force has to be restored to the Divine Power and used for a true and beautiful and harmonious equipment and ordering of a new divinized, vital and physical existence, in whatever way the Divine Mother herself decides in her creative vision.

But first it must be conquered back for her….

By changing money to love in your own consciousness you are becoming a facilitator of this divine mission.”

There you have it and I could not of said this in a more profound way.

Money IS Love and is directed by our thoughts so when we change our thoughts we choose a different reality for not only ourselves but the rest of mankind and the planet.

You can do this simply by holding your money in your hands whenever you go to spend it or pass it on.

Visualize your money as infused with love and give this love from your heart to the heart of the person that receives it. They do not need to know you are giving them the gift of love.

I like to visualize that money then going into the till, in among-st all of the other bills infused with love which is rubs off on and gives those bills hope and love too.

I see it then being deposited into the bank touching another who counts it and then being paid out as wages or on it goes. It is sending love to the families that receives it or the one that borrow it. On it goes to pay for groceries or buy the house.

The money as love passing from one hand to another gently infusing love all along its journey.

This leaves me with a deep feeling of satisfaction that only the gift of Love can bring. This is a way that we can make a difference every time we pay an account, or we pay for anything.

Don’t forget though, this also happens in reverse. Any money that you receive in you can also accept it while infusing it with love.

Holding the thoughts of ‘Money is Love’ every-time you spend and receive. How simple is that:)

I hope you enjoyed this concept of ‘Money IS Love’ as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

Let’s change the World of Money and bring with it a ‘Wealth of Health, Happiness and Love.’

Love & Money = Freedom


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