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Are you interested in learning how to make these Life Giving Beverages?

Your Body will Love You for it!

You are invited to Contact Susan to schedule a complimentary 15 minute curious conversation to organise and set your date.

A minimum of 8 people to have a class.

What Is Water Kefir?

You may have already heard of dairy kefir but what about water kefir grains? Kefir (Keh-Feer) is a powerful ferment and great healer. It is particularly useful for those suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome. The water kefir grains are a mix of bacteria and yeast that work well together and grow when fed on sugar including fruit sugars.

Water kefir is a yeasty type water based drink that is produced as a result of adding water kefir grains with sugar and mineral water. It is a live pro-biotic and is considered a stronger detoxifier than milk kefir grains or kombucha.

What is Water Kefir good for?

Water kefir has been around for a long long time and with good reason. Keep in mind that if your body needs healing that you may experience detox symptoms such as stomach ache, diarrhea and headaches. Just start with a small amount and if you have these symptoms, cut back. Beneficially though, it is known to:

  • have a youthful effect on the body cells

  • give you energy

  • inhibit cancer cell growth

  • improve metabolism

  • clear sinuses including symptoms of cold or flu and headache

  • prevent the formation of, break down and remove kidney and liver stones from the body

  • be good for arthritis (glucuronic acid)

  • lower blood sugar

  • Strengthen Heart – Q10

  • helps balance candida

Water kefir is easy and fun to make.
Once you start making it your friends and your family will love you for it. Your body will love for it to.
You will enjoy the whole process of making it up waiting and watching it do it’s magic ferment and then knowing you are giving your body the nourishing benefit of live drinks.
Water Kefir is packed full of enzymes, probiotics, folic acid, vitamins B and C.
Keep in mind that although you feed this culture with sugar, this is not a sugar drink.
The sugar is for the Kefir grains, Not you.
The end result it taste’s amazing and as for the sugar, there is a miniscule amount left.
Enjoy this guilt free drink.



Oater. Add this to 1 cup of cold, clean, natural spring water.