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Jun 29

Money Tears Your World Apart

‘Money’ stress doesn’t only break up marriages – It tears apart families! It torments your life. Over & Over again and fills your life with anxiety, fear, sickness, lack and worry. You never get to feel really safe and looked after. And I just want to add here – How you do ‘Money’ today is …

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Jun 27

Let Money Guide You

    Life can feel like such a struggle for some, while for others it appears to be such a breeze. Yet life is ‘ALL’ depending on your perceptions, thoughts, judgements & beliefs. How you do one thing in life is how you will do ‘Everything.’ Today I am going to draw on ‘One’ of …

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Sep 12

Fear is Friend not Foe


  Who among us ever wants to admit they are full of fear?           I know I didn’t, in fact I spent many years growing the belief that nothing or nobody had the power to effect me, – little did I know, that underneath I had a simmering volcano that seemed …

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