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Transform Your Relationship With Money


People tend to lump all money issues together when in fact there’s more to money than meets the eye.

In fact there are five categories of money and when it comes to transforming your relationship with money it is invaluable to address each individual one.

Savings – Debt – Income – Income Goals and Toxic Money.

Now I want to suggest to you here that there is a Mind/Body/Money connection going on as well and not only are there 5 categories of money, but each of these has 3 aspects connected to it.


Each one of these categories comes with programmed beliefs, which is kind of like the habitual self talk that you say over and over to yourself every time you think about or deal with your money.

Then there is an emotion connected to this that literally runs through your nervous system and drives your fight or flight stress response. That’s why you may be finding it difficult to spend time working on your money.

It stands to reason really, because who wants to stop and count, understand or organize their money, when they are on the run from a tiger right.

Now I said three aspects and the third aspect believe it or not, is an actual trauma and this is connected to each of the five money categories.

Each and every one of these money categories represents different aspects of how comfortable you are around Money – How you deal with and manage your Money.

Let’s look at an example. Savings:

Now perhaps you are in a position where you earn really good money, yet when it comes to your savings you feel like you are always living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s pretty hard to feel safe and secure knowing you don’t have anything to protect you if the unexpected happens.

Thinking about your savings can bring up many different feelings and emotions and trigger all types of limiting beliefs, the emotions can be ones of loss, disappointment, sadness, even abandonment, never being able to feel safe and secure in your day to day life.

Savings or a lack there-of can trigger long past traumatic events around a loss, of someone, or something important in your life.

These past events can be responsible for your lack of savings today or your lack of financial security and support.

How you may be wondering?

Because these lack of savings today also sets off the same feelings of being abandoned, feeling unsupported, never feeling safe, afraid and loss.

Each of these Money categories comes with it’s own sets of feelings and beliefs and when they are examined closely they reveal a whole set of unconscious programming that has literally been programmed into you since childhood.

This post offers you just a small glimpse at the emotions/feelings that can be stuck in your body and connected to your Money.

This is what is referred to as the Mind/Body/Money connection.

These are the very emotions that stop you from ever wanting to or being able to make the changes that you would love to today.

They are the very emotions that keep you running from that Tiger in stress mode 24/7 when you think about your money.

Now when you think of the Law of Attraction and bringing in the money that you truly want to make your life more comfortable, more secure, do you think these emotions/feelings are serving you, or in fact keeping you in a place of feeling stuck and paralyzed, living in lack and fear.

How important do you suppose it would be for you to neutralize those?

Now while it is simple enough to set the steps and structures in place to put your savings in place, when you have any of these old UN-honored emotions/stories running unconsciously, in my experience they just want to be heard, so they can fade into the past where they belong.

At this stage it becomes super easy and exciting to put the steps and structures in place – To pay yourself first, build an impenetrable wall and safety net around you, your family and your money.

Live within your means, set up those perfect account structures, terminate all outstanding debt and as Dr Tony Pennells of #Mindshift.Money says,


“Drive your Freedom North like a home sick Angel.”



About Susan Whelan

Susan has fought her way through Addictions to Alcohol, Drugs, Body and (Poverty) and has emerged through the other side as a certified Coach in Addiction, Nutrition, Yuan Gong (Qigong) Human Life Development & Yuan Ming Medicine, Tapping into Wealth and IS one of Australia’s first Financially Fit Bootcamp Coach’s with

Today Susan call’s on all of her life experiences and all of her technical skills and tools so she can help You Neutralize the uncomfortable emotions and Stress around money, Terminate the Limitation and Implement the Steps and Structures to once and for all ‘End’ your money stress forever while you create your life of ‘Financial Freedom’.

Setting and Following the Financial Foundation Principles WILL take you towards Emotional and Financial Freedom – ‘The Choice is Yours’.



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