Transform Your Relationship With Money


People tend to lump all money issues together when in fact there’s more to money than meets the eye.

In fact there are five categories of money and when it comes to transforming your relationship with money it is invaluable to address each individual one.

Savings – Debt […]

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Fear is Friend not Foe


Who among us ever wants to admit they are full of fear?



I know I didn’t, in fact I spent many years growing the belief that nothing or nobody had the power to effect me, – little did I know, that underneath I had a simmering volcano that […]

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Patience is a Virtue


Patience – the art of slowing down and being in the moment.

Whose got time for that….

Don’t you find that Patience is like that elusive elixir that people search for and would love to have, yet nowadays it seems even scarcer to find.

To understand and unlock the gifts […]

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Addiction & Compulsive Behaviours

For some of us it feels as if we have been constantly pushing a rock up hill.

All of our efforts to be whole and complete seem futile no matter how much personal work we do.

We end up spinning on our wheels to try to keep ahead only to fall back into

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Six Foundation Principles of Health & Wellness


A Healthy Lifestyle is your Best Prevention

When Life feels out of Balance simply follow the Laws of Life and Health!

It’s all about Balance!

Whenever you are struggling, whether or not that is with a full blown addiction, self-sabotage behavior, emotional eating, poverty patterns, gambling, sex, exhaustion, or stinking […]

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The Critic in the Head

When we go to move forward in our life and that little voice tells us we are not enough let’s work together to knock that out of the park. Tap along to quieten that little voice down.


About Susan Whelan

Susan has fought her way through Addictions to Alcohol, Drugs, Body and […]

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If you change nothing nothing will change


changingA new year, new beginning’s, a brand new start.

How do you feel when you make a decision to change in an area that maybe not serving you so well?

Do you get all fired up and excited at the possibility of what is in store, visualizing the possibilities,the […]

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When your Emotional Enemy becomes your Friend


Most people look at Emotional Eating & Addictions as the enemy.

No matter what our challenges are whether they are Over eating, Binge eating, Emotional eating, too much alcohol, too many drugs, Overspending or even Deprivation.

We normally all treat them the same way.


We want to get rid of […]

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Financial Trauma

So when I talk about having a financial trauma in your life I am not just referring to finances.

I am referring to an event that has affected how much you trust yourself and how much you are able to create in your life. Your very ability to trust and believe that things are possible for […]

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Mind & Body Conflicts


enemy is suffering

We all know when we have conflicts with other people healthy communications and dialogues are essential to resolving them, it is the same with ourselves.

How often do we engage in healthy communications with our own selves, with our bodies .
when we fail to have these […]

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